EFFP, on behalf of Molson Coors and working with Frontier Agriculture, established a Carling Western Grower’s Group to source 20,000 tonnes of Molson Coors’ annual barley requirements.  This initiative is a mutually beneficial long-term supply chain relationship between Molson Coors, the merchant and around 70 British growers.


Molson Coors needed to address their strategic concerns in securing a long-term sustainable malting barley supply from Brisith farmers to support their 100% British barley brand proposition.

To build a more integrated and robust supply chain, Molson Coors required a solution which would deliver a range of improvements across a number of key areas such as improving efficiencies to unlock value (for all), better risk management (e.g price flucttuations, quality issues, crop failure) and to establish long-term committed relationships.


Molson Coors appointed EFFP to drive this initiative forward and work with their merchants to clarify where the best opportunities were for supply chain improvement.  EFFP also worked with the growers to understand the key motivating factors influencing their decision to enter, or not, into a longer term supply chain partnership with Molson Coors.

A key challenge was to bring all parties together to arrive at a workable consensus.  This was achieved through a series of grower meetings, organised and facilitated by EFFP and run in conjunction with Frontier Agriculture and Molson Coors, this was followed up by one-to-one sessions to make it all happen.

Once achieved, EFFP produced the strategy and action plan for the development of a long-term supply chain partnership between Molson Coors, its merchants and malting barley growers.


“EFFP was the driver behind this initiative and their track record allowed any suspicion amongst growers to be overcome.  Ongoing involvement from EFFP will be essential to continue momentum and direction to ensure the Carling Western Growers’ Group’s longevity”.

Jerry Dyson – Strategic Sourcing, Molson Coors Brewers


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