Tom Tillemans, Head of Logistics Network Development, Heinz Europe

A View to the Future

Tom discusses why Heinz focuses on sustainability and how it aims to align strategies across the food chain in tackling resource issues whilst driving economic growth and commercial success.

EFFP: Tom, can you explain why Heinz focuses on sustainability. For example, what leads you to take a more sustainable approach and what benefits does it give you now and into the future?

TT: Heinz has been committed to sustainable business practices since 1869, when the business started, so it is not something new for us. This commitment extends to every facet of our business and guides our plans for sustainable growth.  It covers everything from safe working practices for our people, to good community relations, a focus on environmental stewardship and giving something back to the community    (more…..)

Examples of more questions we asked Tom…

Do you think that for businesses to really invest into a sustainablity agenda they need to believe that it will also boost profitability, if not over the short term, then at least over the longer term? Is this the case for Heinz?

Are you able to summarize how Heinz defines and measures sustainability across its business?

How do you think the sustainability agenda will develop over the next 5 years?

The answers to this and other questions can be found in the interview….



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