Stewart Gilliland, Chief Executive, Muller Dairy UK


Stewart explains how sustained investment in all areas of the business has enabled Müller Dairy UK to achieve sustainable business growth.

EFFP: What was the strategic rationale for Müller’s original investment to build a dairy processing facility in Shropshire and is that still valid today?

SG: I am sure that the primary reason for us investing here was the milk field. We have a good relationship with over 160 local farmers within a 30 mile radius of the dairy. That gives us significant advantages not only because of the quality of milk we source but in reduced transportation costs and ensuring the freshness of our milk. As a value added milk processor, securing the quality and consistency of our milk is essential for our business, so the rationale for investment in the early 90’s is still valid today.

Secondary to that, Shropshire provides a central location from which we can distribute to the rest of the country. Shropshire will always be the heart of our manufacturing in the UK. In terms of our future growth, we now own the land opposite the site on which we have outline planning permission to build our third production hall in the future if required.

EFFP: What is the vision and mission for Müller Dairy UK?

SG: We aim to be in every fridge in the UK and our mission is to provide sustainable dairy goodness from the heart of Shropshire for the good of everyone.

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